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Corporate Investment

Sol Group is seeking to invest in and collaborate with promising companies that have technologies beneficial to 'people' and 'society',
as well as those with technologies that can create synergy effects with Sol Group's tourism and leisure business.

BoardnCamp Co., Ltd.

: An IT startup preparing a new concept global SNS called "Board A" (tentative name).

  • A company holding patents related to a new SNS marketing technique. (Patent applications and registrations in 13 countries including the United States and Japan)
  • Collaboration with Sol Group to strengthen global marketing efforts

※Click on the patent registration certificate to see a larger image.

USA US 00011295348 B2

Introducing a new concept global SNS platform under development by BoardnCamp Co., Ltd. called 'Board A' (tentative name).
A new global SNS platform, 'Board A' (tentative name), is being developed to address the problems of existing SNS platforms.
(The problem with existing SNS platforms: Unfair distribution of influence in information dissemination, where only influencers have a significant impact)
'Board A' (tentative name) is a new concept of global SNS platform
that allows all users to deliver their content to other users in a reasonable and fair manner,
regardless of whether they are influencers or not.
(Users can select the desired continent, country, region, and time zone to deliver their content worldwide.)
The platform has patented technology:
  • Patents registered in Korea
  • Patents registered in five other countries outside the U.S.
  • Patent applications filed in seven countries outside China
※ Influencers (users with many followers/subscribers on SNS, celebrities, famous companies)
  • Korea KR10-1813901

  • Japan JP6615982

  • Japan JP6845298

  • Japan JP7194211

  • Indonesia IDP000078531

  • Malaysia MY-190285-A

  • Singapore 11201800631Q

  • BrazilBR112018001474-5