AQUA POLISA symbol of the new marine tourism and leisure industry

Other Facilities

AQUA POLIS is well equipped with a variety of other facilities such as lobbies, foreign-only casinos, hospital & health care centers, cruises, yacht marinas and underwater trails.


It will serve as an entrance and surfing center of the marine resort. Guests can relax using convenient facilities and enjoy the view of the sea resort.

Casino (foreigner only)

- Cruise & Medical Tourism Foreigners / Domestic foreign residents
- Foreigners living in Geoje: 15,051 (as of January 2016)
- Geoje city residence 'Average annual salary is over 100 million won' Foreigners: 5,400
(2,400 Samsung employees / 3,000 Daewoo employees)

Hospital & Health Care Center

17th high value added industry (medical tourism etc.) selected by the government.

- Hospitals for cruise and medical tourists
- Healthcare center - Follow-up care and sightseeing for healed patients


- Introduced a 50,000-ton cruise ship from Russia
- Self-operated in Sol Group
- Operated for domestic and foreign tourists specifically came for medical and casino reasons

Yacht marina

- Located on the seashore (resort)
- 100 yachts docking facilities

Undersea walkway

- Undersea walkway connecting to onshore promenade
- Resort outside the main island or inside the breakwater